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Create safe, secure neighborhoods through comprehensive caused-minded community engagement programs that educate, unite, build trust, raise awareness and foster positive relationships between law enforcement, first responders, civic leaders and the citizens living in the communities they serve and protect.

Why One CommunityUSA?

The sacred fabric of a country is defined by its people and how they treat one another. Safe and vibrant neighborhoods exist when the people living and working in those neighborhoods have a sense of security built on a foundation of trust. Having a sense of security, coupled with community inclusion, helps instill the desire, trust, courage and determination we all need to pursue our version of the American dream.

The solution begins with us. Citizens, first responders and community leaders working together in a cause-minded common goal to create a better world is key to turning the power of one into the power of many.


Welcome to One CommunityUSA

One CommunityUSA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering cities of opportunity for all. At One CommunityUSA, we bring together the leadership and collective strength of our team and strategic partners in cause-minded, comprehensive programs that turn around neighborhoods more quickly than focusing on one area or waiting for changes to happen organically.

The One CommunityUSA Cycle of Growth

For decades, an underlying erosion of trust in those who serve and protect us has revealed itself in several critical national tragedies. Each tragedy has underscored the need for a lasting solution that will help restore trust and move our country forward.

Creating Cities of Opportunity where everyone can thrive only happens when citizens have a sense of security, access to outstanding education and improved opportunities for employment and affordable housing.

At One CommunityUSA, we realize there are no limitations on human understanding and the desire to have a brighter future. The costs to people living in areas of high crime exact a toll on everyone, regardless of the neighborhood we live in. The capability to keep our country’s future bright begins and ends with us.

The Story of Our Ribbon of Unity

Our ribbon represents unity and America at its best. The yellow in the ribbon represents citizens like you and me, living and working everywhere. The blue on either side represents the first responders who risk their lives to protect us.

First responders are citizens who have taken an oath to serve and protect others. They are doctors, teachers, veterans, judges, city council members, mayors, members of the armed forces, police officers, sheriffs, firemen, government employees and many others. They’re also parents, sisters, brothers, parishioners, classmates and neighbors who visit the same local businesses we do. When everyone works together, America is at its best. We’re all in together.


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