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The Board of Directors of One CommunityUSA are deeply saddened to announce the recent passing of its beloved founder and CEO, Toni Brinker. Read more...

Mrs. Brinker, who died on April 7, 2024, with family members at her side, is warmly remembered as a visionary and generous leader who cherished the ideals of safe, thriving neighborhood communities – no matter the zip code – and a safer America.

After years of personal research and dogged perseverance, she is credited for devising nationally acclaimed, evidence-based programs that have transformed lives and catalyzed positive change in underserved and underrepresented communities. Among the many programs she initiated include:

  • Pathways to H.O.P.E.SM , a reentry, diversion and mentoring program that helps return offenders to society as productive law-abiding members
  • Shop Talk SM , a proven community-engagement program that builds trust and communication between first responders and barber shop/beauty salon owners and customers in underserved neighborhoods
  • UNA Comunidad, a neighborhood inclusion program that strives to build neighborhood unity

With most of her work focusing on the North Texas region, we – and those she served – are tremendously grateful for the extraordinary improvements she made in the lives of children, adults and families. The leadership and staff of One CommunityUSA also acknowledge her spirit of exceptional giving to an array of philanthropic causes that greatly enrich our society.

In lieu of flowers, please make a donation in her memory to One CommunityUSA or to the first-responder organization of your choice.

Our Mission

Our mission is building safe, thriving neighborhood communities and a safer America. Evidence-based programs transform lives and catalyze positive change in underserved and underrepresented communities by addressing Reentry, Diversion and Restorative Justice for Veterans and Civilian Offenders; Vocational & Workforce/Career Development; and Community-Engagement Crime Reduction Outreach Initiatives.

Our Vision

Imagine an America where every neighborhood (no matter the zip code) is safe, secure and businesses are thriving. Neighborhoods filled with families who are proud to live, pray, attend school and go to work.

This is the America we love. This is the America we must work together to protect.

One CommunityUSA PSA

One CommunityUSA represents people coming together and addressing the important issues of the day. Working as one builds lasting bonds that will strengthen our country for generations to come.

Special thanks to Lee Majors (The Six Million Dollar Man) who helped our cause by lending his voice for our message.

Ribbon of Unity

Our ribbon represents unity and America at its best. The yellow in the ribbon represents citizens like you and me, living and working in communities across the country. The blue on either side of the ribbon represents those citizens who are frontline first responders and have taken an oath to serve and protect us.

When all parties work together towards a common goal of helping others, building/rebuilding trust and putting UNITY back into our communities, everyone wins. This is when America is at its best.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At One CommunityUSA®, diversity, equity and inclusion are central to our mission of creating safe, secure and thriving ‘Cities of Opportunities’ for everyone through evidence-based 21st Century Community Building and Neighborhood Engagement programs. Our commitment to these values are unwavering. We know that having varied community perspectives fosters positive forward-thinking dialogue, builds trust and creates unity which is key critical to solving the complex, multifaceted contemporary issues of a ever-changing world.

Supporting America’s Warrior Heroes

Assisting Incarcerated Veterans Reentering Society

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