According to the U.S. Census Bureau estimates by 2050, one in every three people living in the United States will be Latino. They are our nation’s fastest growing population and represent an enormous diversity of cultures and identities, needs and interests. Despite their numbers, Latinos remain underserved and underrepresented in many communities across America. Breaking the cycle of fear, mistrust and misconception of law enforcement/first responder’s role in keeping neighborhoods safe, helps reduce crime and helps improve the sense of community.
One CommunityUSA | UNIDOS Hispanic Outreach program is geared towards improving communication and building trust between the Latino community and front line first responders. Through education and empowerment, the dynamics of the program lead to constructive dialogue, changes in attitudes, improved quality of life and safe, secure neighborhoods.
Here’s how YOU can be part of One CommunityUSA’s program – UNIDOS Hispanic Outreach. Your donation will assist us as we build trust so that our communities are safer, healthier and more prosperous!