An Update from Our Founder & CEO

‘We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone.’
Ronald Reagan
40th President of the United States

As we watch the impact that COVID-19 pandemic has on our communities and our country, we are humbled by the courage of ordinary citizens doing extraordinary things. At One CommunityUSA™, we are privileged to provide ongoing support of those brave citizens as well as America’s incredibly courageous first responders and front line medical personnel. They are truly our heroes!

One CommunityUSA™ and our partners are working to unite and gather resources to help those in need as we continue our mission of bringing communities together for the common good. Know that we are dedicated to building safe, secure and thriving neighborhoods now and long into the future. We will get through together. God bless America.

Toni Brinker
Founder & CEO, One CommunityUSA

WATCH: Roll Call from February 14, 2020

Shop TalkSM

At One CommunityUSA, our efforts to help others has not stopped. Our Shop Talk program which focuses establishing open lines of communication and creating mutual trust between first responders and owners/customers of barber shop and beauty saloon owners in the African American community has been a Godsend. The bond of friendship between the shop owners (who are now unemployed because of COVID restrictions) and law enforcement is solid and expanding to other communities. Local shop owners and One CommunityUSA deliver food, clothing and essentials to those in need. The exchange typically takes place at the police station so the ‘sense of community’ is paid forward. It is a wonderful sight to witness.

Pathways to HopeSM

One CommunityUSA’s Pathways To Hope reentry program endeavors to stop the criminal justice revolving doors where offenders (civilians and former military) are arrested, adjudicated, imprisoned, released and rearrested. The program collaborates with inmates pre-and post-release, working strategically with the inmate services team in ensuring a seamless transition from ‘behind the walls’ to ‘outside the walls’. The integration of law enforcement and first responders as mentors further differentiates our program, thereby building significant bridges of trust. We understand that a successful reentry is a shared opportunity between inmates and their families. By integrating ‘family nurturing’ into the program, we can ensure that the dynamics of the formerly incarcerated and their family relationships are addressed in a positive developmental approach.


One CommunityUSA™ UNIDOS Hispanic Outreach program is led by Sergeant Robert Munoz, former DPD Latino Community Liaison | Coordinator. The mission of the program is improving communication and building trust between the Latino community, law enforcement and first responder agencies across the North Texas area. In addition, the program will support other jurisdictions who currently have a similar program and wish to expand their outreach.

Latinos are our nation’s fastest growing population and represent an enormous diversity of cultures and identities, needs and interests. They remain under-served and under-represented in many communities across America. Breaking the cycle of fear, mistrust and perceived misconception of law enforcement/first responder’s role in keeping neighborhoods safe, helps reduce crime and helps improve sense of community. Through education and empowerment, the dynamics of the program lead to constructive dialogue, changes in attitudes, improved quality of life and safe secure neighborhoods.

One CommunityUSA is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to creating safe, secure neighborhoods through comprehensive caused-minded community engagement programs that unite, raise awareness and foster positive relationships between law enforcement, first responders, civic leaders and the citizens living in the communities they serve and protect. Our safety, education, health, second chance, civic engagement, unity through sports and advocacy programs are the necessary components to improving lives and building safe, secure ‘Cities of Opportunities’ for everyone.

Events dependent on latest COVID-19 restrictions

Shop Talk Quarterly Luncheon | Irving, TX | 08 June 2020
SportsPlex for the Community | Dallas, TX | 27 June 2020
Shop Talk Chief Luncheon | Mesquite, TX | 06 July 2020
SportsPlex for the Community | Dallas, TX | 29 August 2020
Shop Talk Quarterly Luncheon | Irving, TX | 07 September 2020
Shop Talk Chief Luncheon | Mesquite, TX | 05 October 2020
Run with Heroes | Richardson, TX | 17 October 2020
Shop Talk Quarterly Luncheon | Irving, TX | 07 December 2020
Shop Talk Chief Luncheon | Mesquite, TX | 14 December 2020
SportsPlex for the Community | Dallas, TX | 19 December 2020