An Update from Our Founder & CEO

“We all do better when we work together.
Our differences do matter but our common humanity matters more.”
President Bill Clinton
40th President of the United State

The past few months have been like no other in our lifetime. President Clinton’s message is one that everyone needs to hear and embrace. Regardless of politics, fear and uncertainty of the times, we have the power to resolve our issues peacefully and pull together as a nation.  
At One CommunityUSA™, we strive to improve communities by building ‘Cities of Opportunity’ for all. Core programs address needs in education, health, reentry second chance opportunities (military and civilians), civic engagement, safety and citizen advocacy.  Evidence-based programs engage law enforcement/first responders and citizens in open conversations where every voice matters, instilling a sense of being heard and valued. Our programs provide the necessary boots-on-the-ground tools and practical approach when addressing and resolving ongoing societal issues leading to safer neighborhoods, local economic growth and a stronger country.
We need to remember that ‘We’re all in this…Together’.  God bless America.

Toni Brinker
Founder & CEO, One CommunityUSA™

Our Latest Interview

Given the violence that has erupted across America in the wake of the George Floyd killing, The Stream’s John Zmirak interviewed our founder, Toni Brinker. She talks about how One CommunityUSA works to resolve tensions and improve cooperation between police and citizens.
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Shop Talk™ Update

One CommunityUSA’s™ Shop Talk program focuses on establishing open lines of communication and creating mutual trust between first responders and owners/customers of barber shop and beauty salon owners in the African American community. The bond of friendship between the shop owners and law enforcement is solid and expanding to other communities. Special thanks to Irving Community Television Network (ICTN) for the excellent coverage.

Irving Police Department’s Shop Talk Expands, Part 1 –

Irving Police Department’s Shop Talk Expands, Part 2 –

One CommunityUSA™ represents people coming together and addressing the important issues of the day. Working as one builds lasting bonds that will strengthen our country for generations to come. Special thanks to Lee Majors (The Six Million Dollar Man) who helped our cause by lending his voice to our message.