March 2021 Newsletter

An Update from Our Founder & CEO
Toni Brinker

The pandemic, the historic winter storm & continuing unrest as well as concern about social & racial equity. These are difficult times which are testing the resilience of most Americans. Yet, it is in precisely times like these when Americans shine the brightest because of our ideals and patriotism.

At One CommunityUSA®, we continue to strive toward better relationships between communities & 1st responder agencies as we work to build safe, secure, vibrant ‘Cities of Opportunity’ for all. Please join us!

Shop Talk

The One CommunityUSA | Shop Talk program establishes open lines of communication and builds trust between African American owned barber shops and beauty salons, their customers, law enforcement and frontline first responder agencies. ‘Through education and empowerment, the dynamics of the program lead to constructive dialogue, changes in attitudes, bridges of trust, improved quality of life and safe, secure thriving neighborhoods’. (Ret.) Sgt. Brad Deason, Director Shop Talk

Pathways to H.O.P.E.

‘At Pathways to H.O.P.E. (Helping Offenders Pursue Excellence), we are making great strides in linking arms within communities to offer our participants Mental Health treatment plans, housing plans, work readiness skills, employment, financial literacy, etc. Volunteer mentors include local law enforcement & civic community leaders who help our participants pursue excellence. Follow us on this journey to restoring lives, families and communities!’ Jeremy Lampier, Pathways to H.O.P.E.

UNA Comunidad

UNA Comunidad is a ‘boots on the ground’ community engagement initiative that brings community citizen stakeholders, minority owned Hispanic businesses and law enforcement/first responders together to focus on neighborhood stabilization/revitalization and economic development. This out-of-the box approach allows a community to address contemporary social issues, life critical needs and build a better quality of life. (Ret.) Sgt Robert Munoz, Director UNA Comunidad