You CAN Make a Difference on North Texas Giving Day!
Everyone knows there are multiple societal issues facing our country today – racial inequality, racial injustice, social justice, uptick in crime, violence, hate, etc. Most people don’t know how to constructively help America and its citizens.

One CommunityUSA™ is the solution!

Our mission is to create safe, secure neighborhoods through comprehensive caused-minded community engagement programs that educate, unite, build trust, raise awareness and foster positive relationships between citizens and frontline responders, civic leaders, and government agencies who serve and protect.

Rebuilding trust is a tall order but it can be done. Sustainable change and safe, secure neighborhoods only happen when everyone works together to create a common goal of improving lives for everyone by addressing and working through contemporary societal issues and putting UNITY back into our communities. This approach creates an environment where every voice matters, instilling a sense of being heard and valued – no matter the zip code.

North Texas Giving Day is September 17, 2020.

Learn more about our programs below:

The Shop Talk™ Program

One CommunityUSA’s™ Shop Talk program focuses on establishing open lines of communication and creating mutual trust between first responders and owners/customers of barber shop and beauty salon owners in the African American community. The bond of friendship between the shop owners and law enforcement is solid and expanding to other communities.

Watch the ICTN video on Shop Talk

The UNIDOS Program

One CommunityUSA’s™ UNIDOS is a newly created Hispanic Outreach program designed to foster relations and improve constructive, positive dialogue between the Latino community, law enforcement and first responders. The objectives of the non-enforcement outreach program are to create a foundation of trust, hope and unity that strengthens community bonds, educates, increases awareness and promotes a sense of collective identity and an improved quality of life.

Watch Sgt. Munoz on the JBJ Management podcast discuss UNIDOS

The Pathways to Hope Reentry Program

One CommunityUSA’s™ Pathways to Hope Reentry Program prepares civilian and military veteran participants seeking to reenter the workforce and become productive members in the community.

One CommunityUSA™ and key mentors are frontline responders, government and civic leaders, volunteers, individuals and the faith-based community partner to provide wraparound family support integration, professional development training, financial guidance, pre- and post-employment training, etc. The evidence-based program consists of a 40 hour behind-the-wall restorative justice component and an outside-the-wall 18-month leadership/mentorship program.

The Foundation of Trust Program

One CommunityUSA’s™ Foundation of Trust is a comprehensive, curriculum-based program conducted in a classroom setting that rebuilds bridges of trust between citizens and first responders. It brings real-world applications of community-specific social and safety issues into classrooms with an emphasis on initiatives that instill and encourage such critical elements as fairness, integrity, human dignity and community trust.