An Update from Our Founder & CEO
‘We’re all in this Together’

History has shown that in uncertain times, ‘We the People’ have the power to resolve our issues peacefully and come together as a Nation. It can only be done through ‘moments in time’ when citizens, government leaders and frontline responders come together for a better America.

One CommunityUSA® accomplishes this through community engagement programs that unite and build trust. Safe, secure and prosperous communities lead to improved accessibility to homeownership opportunities, better schools, better health care and job-creating economic development that benefits every individual, every taxpayer and every neighborhood across our great nation.

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Every American knows there are multiple societal issues facing our country today – unrest on the streets, uptick in crime, long standing racial issues, the need for a more equitable social justice, etc.

Our Shop Talk community engagement program establishes open lines of communication, creates unity and builds/rebuilds bridges of trust between first responders, the owners and customers of neighborhood barber shops and beauty salons, primarily located in the underserved communities.

Special thanks to ICTN and Irving Police Department. Watch the latest edition of Irving Community Television Network – ICTN Open Line.

Early 2015, Operation Blue Shield now dba One CommunityUSA started addressing concerns, problems and challenges facing frontline responders and the citizens they serve and protect. Rebuilding bridges of trust, creating UNITY and bringing about the type of change that our country needs and wants.

Welcome Two New Team Members

Chief Development Officer - Jamie Malakoff
Jamie Malakoff
Chief Development Officer
Army Veteran, West Point Graduate, MBA from Columbia University, M.A. from Redeemer Seminary
“One CommunityUSA is addressing a most critical need at a most critical time, and it is a great privilege to be part of this effort.”
jeremy lampier
Jeremy Lampier
Director Reentry Programs
Army Veteran
“I am honored to be working with One CommunityUSA where we help incarcerated veterans and civilians reenter society, ultimately restoring families and safety to our communities.”