In a world that oftentimes seems like it is upside down, symbols of hope mean a lot. Some communities in our country appear to only associate negative experiences or encounters with law enforcement and first responders while other communities seem to have family, friends and mentors who are either a part of or associated with law enforcement and first responders.  Now more than ever, the time has come for Americans to acknowledge the differences, come together and rebuild bridges of trust and unite for the common good.

At  One Community™, we understand that the sacred fabric of America is defined by its citizens.  This iconic photo represents the desire and willingness of a city to step up and publicly demonstrate the willingness of its citizens to move forward and create a better world for everyone.  Yellow and blue represent UNITY. Each of us can do our part. When we become involved in a positive way, everyone wins and the power of one becomes the ‘Power of Many’.

One Community

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