One CommunityUSA presented to the Rotary Club | Preston Center
PreVocational & Workforce Development | Reentry, Diversion & Restorative Justice for Citizens & Veterans | Advancing Public Safety | Community Engagement & Crime Reduction Programs

Today is North Texas Giving Day!

Join One CommunityUSA and build a safer, stronger and thriving North Texas! Our grant goal is matched to $100,000. Help us make a difference!

Shop Talk ‘Back To School’ event at Noe’s providing haircuts and school supplies. Noe’s is “More Than a Haircut”

Shop Talk participant, Tony Brown, The Man Cave Barber Lounge, shares the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ of being pulled over by law enforcement.

One CommunityUSA supports our Dallas Police Department K-9 heroes keeping North Texas Community SAFE.

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