Pathways To Hope brings together the strengths of One CommunityUSA and its collaborative partners creating a state-of-the-art position in the reentry world that will become a benchmark in the field.

We have worked diligently, researching the needs of the formerly incarcerated and their families to focus on the key critical ingredients that will generate the success that is so deserved. The combination of formerly incarcerated military veterans and general population inmates brings a richness to the program that truly separates it from all others. The integration of first responders as mentors and instructors is yet another differentiator that immediately bridges the gap between the formerly incarcerated and law enforcement.

Our program recognizes the significant role that family members play in the reentry journey, assisting them in identifying the challenges of the roller coaster ride that sometimes can derail successful reentry.

Working with family members pre-release, in a structured four-week program that includes a handbook as well as facilitated discussions, creates an understanding of the potential bumps in the road that lay ahead. Much like the airline pilot who announces to passengers on a jetliner that there will be turbulence ahead so that they will be prepared and not unduly fearful or surprised, our program provides the same comfort and communication.

Our team has relentlessly turned over every stone and searched every nook and cranny of the reentry journey to ensure that we prepare both the formerly incarcerated and their families for a successful pathway to hope. The graduation from the 40-hour pre-vocational program is the launch pad for an 18-month path that includes a team of case managers, mentors, leaders from the business community and spiritual leaders all focused on success.

Through the local chamber of commerce, we identify employers who embrace the work ethic and talents of the formerly incarcerated who have graduated from our program, providing jobs and hope.

Through the ongoing mentorship of first responders we build bridges of trust in the community that grow roots deep into the soul of the neighborhoods. Through the strengthening and nurturing of the families of the formerly incarcerated, our program prepares everyone involved to understand the importance of a safe place to fall.

In the final analysis our partnership with Texas Christian University’s Department of Criminal Justice (Reentry Division) provides objective and arm’s length data that exemplifies the significant recidivism rates that are the cornerstone of our success.

We are moving steadily towards our August 3rd launch, working inside the walls of the Green Bay Facility with the inmate services team from the Tarrant County Sheriff’s office to identify our candidates. Sheriff Bill Waybourn and his entire staff strongly support the One CommunityUSA team as we build a platform second to none.